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    Senator Dr. S. M. ZafarFormer Federal Law Minister

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    Dr. Muhammad Sadiq Agricultural Scientist

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    Mr. Qayyum NizamiFormer Minister and Writer

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    Dr. Haseebullah

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    Nadeem Akram

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    Mr. M. Zubair Sheikh Businessman

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    Shamshad Ahmed KhanFormer Foreign Secretary

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    Ayub Sabir IzharChairman, Izhar Group of Companies

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    Mr. Salman AbidColumnist and Analyst

  • 10

    Senator S. M. ZafarFormer Federal Law Minister

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    Engineer Muhammad Azeem

  • Prof. Abdul Qayyum Qureshi Former Vice Chancellor Islamia University Bahawalpur

  • Col. (Retd) Mahmood Shah

  • Engineer Shafqat MasoodFormer Chairman IRSA

  • Scientist and Engineer

    Mansoor Ahmed, S.I., T.I.

  • Engineer Iftikhar ul HaqMember Privatization Commission

  • Mr. Altaf Hassan QureshiChief Editor, Urdu Digest

  • Engineer Muhammad Zubair

  • Engineer M. Yaqoob Chodhry

  • Dr. Muhammad Ikram Koshal

  • Mr. Jameel Bhatti Former Auditor General Punjab

  • Engr. Mahmudur Rehman Chughtai

  • Mrs. Aleena Tiwana

  • Prof. Dr. Atiya Syed

  • Justice (retd) Sharif Hussain Bokhari

  • Col. (retd) Waheed Hamid, TI (M) Former Director of a Media related government organization

  • Major (retd) Khalid Nasr

  • Khalid Mehmood SaleemFormer Advisor IMF and Executive Director State Bank of Pakistan

  • Prof. Dr. Mugheesuddin SheikhFormer Chairman, Mass Communication Deptt. Punjab University

  • M. Jameel GishkoriPoet and Writer


Pakistan Visionary Forum came into existance on 14th of August, 2010 on the initative of TECH Club, pledging a meaningful contribution to national development through generation of ideas and proposals to resolve national issues. The Forum is comprised of intellectuals and professionals who have performed outstandingly in various fields. The basic objective of the Forum is to prepare research papers on vital national issues like economy, agriculture, industry and coming up with the solutions to the ills plagueing electricity, water, education and health sectors. The Forum hopes to build opinion for bringing about a positive change in the present political setup. Also apart of its plan is formulation of a code of conduct which will ensure ethical training of the public. Besides, the Forum will conduct seminars and thought provoking sittings on the topics of national interest. Pakistan Visionary Forum is an independent and neutral entity.

Reports Finalized By PVF

Electoral System in Pakistan

By Electoral System Committee Head Dr. Muhammad Sadiq

People of Pakistan have been experiencing elections, off and on, but not after regular and consistent intervals. Many a times these elections were held under different systems based on the ideas and objectives of the then ruling group. Electoral systems tried in the past varied considerably particularly under different martial law regimes and less so under the civilian political partiesDownload Report


Good Governance

By Col. (Retd) Mahmood Shah, Head of Good Governance Committee

Good governance is a relatively new term, which has gained currency since 2005 when the world leaders at the world summit concluded that good governance is integral to economic growth, eradication of corruption and poverty for ensuring sustainable development. In short it means enforcement of rule of law and eradication of corruption, whereby the government and its institutions are made efficient, effective accountable, participatory, transparent, responsive and consensus-oriented.Download Report


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    The participants in the conference passed a resolution demanding immediate removal of Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s Ambassador to USA for issuing visas to American agents.

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